Hello I’m Paul…

I work with both established business owners and budding entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurs need to generate traction and mitigate risk in order to secure investment capital to grow their business. Both need creative solutions to divest or grow through acquisitions or mergers. I not only find the necessary solutions, I strive to take care of the people who will be affected during the process.

… And here is my approach

I am a catalyst for change and believe in the “Transition before Transaction” approach. As an attentive listener and experienced financial professional, I address every business owner’s situation in unique and comprehensive ways. I also anticipate and pre-empt possible issues or conflicts. I work with you to uncover and build value and then navigate the tailored process with an approach that accommodates your business’s needs.
  • Valuation 5% 5%
  • Preparation 20% 20%
  • Execution 60% 60%
  • Integration 15% 15%
  • Customer Satisfaction 100% 100%

Uncovering the golden nuggets

A business is only worth what a buyer is willing to pay. I examine all aspects of a company and advise on adjustments in an effort to maximize a business’s value. I never ask a business owner what they are willing to settle for. Instead, I always ask for their best-case scenario and then build the momentum to achieve it.


Presenting your company in the best light

No one knows your business better than you. I help you analyze and present your company in the best possible light. I ensure your company’s most valuable attributes are clearly articulated – including future growth opportunities, ability to achieve future projections and scalability of operations – in order to fetch a premium price.


Maintaining deal momentum

Whether it’s buying, selling or raising capital, every detail must be flawlessly executed to maintain deal momentum. To gain and maintain your trust, I negotiate every transaction and advise you of the proper procedures for procuring, evaluating and responding to definitive offers. This avoids deal fatigue and improves the likelihood of a successful outcome.


Your advisor, agent, confidant and connector

A successful acquisition is dependent on a seamless integration. This process must start well before a deal closes and requires input and expertise from a network of professionals. I act as your advisor, agent, confidant and connector from the initial decision to pursue a negotiated transaction until all possible issues or conflicts are resolved.


Get ready to take flight

Throughout the process, I listen to your needs. I not only meet your requirements and expectations, I exceed them. When the ink dries on the transaction, you can feel confident in knowing that the legacy you worked so hard to build will carry on.


Business Value

Working with business owners to build value and uncover golden nuggets.

Intellectual Property

Establishing an intellectual property strategy to significantly impact a business’s terminal value.


Engaging in business development, due diligence, negotiations, divestitures, acquisitions and raising capital.


Believing in fair value exchange for collective services, compensation includes a work fee and a transaction fee.


Maintaining trust is important – non-disclosure agreements are drafted and signed and all negotiations and transactions are conducted discreetly.

Boutique Firm

Providing services typically only available from large firms but with a focus on you – the client.

Tier-One Service

Delivering a tier-one service by leveraging an extensive network of professionals in the corporate and investor communities.

Individual Service

Advocating for you with a consistent approach that is flexible to accommodate individual needs.

You are…

You are a successful entrepreneur and a passionate leader. You have built a business from the ground up and you care about the impact the next steps may have. You are concerned about how future changes will affect your business, your legacy and your trusted employees. You want to present your company in the best light, but you want to take an approach that is right for you.

… And your company is…

Your company is established and profitable with revenues between $5 million and $50 million. As the owner, you are considering making a change and are interested in selling your business in an orderly fashion. Or, you are at the helm of an early-stage technology company. You are open to mentorship and are looking to elevate the enterprise.

Established Company

Early‑Stage Company

Brand, Position and Message

Creating a solid business strategy to give your brand room to evolve while accelerating your business’s value.

Employee Alignment

Aligning your employees with your vision, business plan, positioning and strategy.

Succession Planning

Looking beyond the numbers at the people behind the business to create a smart exit and smooth transition.

Let’s talk about…

Your company is a reflection of your reputation. You shouldn’t settle. You should come out with the best-case scenario. With an extensive network of professionals, I focus on business development, due diligence, negotiations, divestitures, acquisitions and raising capital and provide a level of expertise, experience and professionalism that is usually only available to larger companies.

… Where we’re coming from

Since 1991, MergeCo has provided powerful decision-making support while helping companies obtain greater clarity in developing and executing their plan. I call upon the appropriate expert advisory services to successfully design and complete privately negotiated transactions. I’m conservative and risk adverse. I tailor compelling outcomes that build confidence and trust.


Today & Beyond


Exceeding your expectations

A problem doesn’t have a pre-conceived solution. Every solution is tailor-made to meet the needs of the business. Spending the necessary time listening and probing about the objectives and the obstacles determine those needs. It’s about exceeding expectations, not meeting them.


Professional advisory services

From determining the investment criteria and examining the portfolio to negotiating the Definitive Agreement and performing final due diligence, I help you navigate the process. I advise on how to maximize your leverage and minimize your risk.


Maximizing your chances of a successful outcome

From valuating the company and identifying potential buyers to closing the transaction, I advise and assist at every step. I negotiate and advise on the proper procedures for procuring, evaluating and responding to offers.


Advising you at every phase

MergeCo does much more than facilitate introductions with investors. I take the time to understand your business and its financing objectives and then tap a broad network of prospective investors on your behalf.


The Right Advisor

Bringing intelligent advice, loyalty, understanding and empathy to this important relationship.

Mobile Service

Conducting relationships based on trust and people chemistry means I’ll come to you.


Considering the high stakes on the table, there is no set time limit to planning your business’s future.

Put Your Plan To Work

Striving to put you on the map, and working with you to build your business’s momentum and attract offers.

Close The Deal

Completing a seamless transaction that is right for you and your business is my sole objective.

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